Studio Specification

Recorders & Syncing

Mac Mini Server, 2.3GHz Intel i7
Avid HD Native Thunderbolt
Avid HD I/O 16 x 16 analog
Digidesign 192 I/O 8x8x8
Digidesign SYNC HD
Focusrite OctoPre ADAT
Fostex E-16 Tape Machine
Tascam 2 Track Tape Machine
Tascam DAT Machine
Unitor 8 MIDI Sync

Desk & Monitoring

Tascam M3500 32 Channel Mixing Console
– Our mixing desk has been heavily modified by our engineers, with a whole new pre-amp stage as well as EQ stage.
Adams AX7
Auratone 5C
Yamaha NS10
TOA Monitors
Tannoy Active Monitors
Roberts Mono Radio


Pro Tools HD 10
Ableton Live 8
Reason 4
Kontakt 5


Avalon 737 Pre-amp
Ferrograph Six Series AnalogueAddictsUK Mod
TL Audio Ivory Valve Pre/Comp
Drawmer DS201 Gates
Drawmer LX20 Compressors
Alesis Compressor 3632
Yamaha SPX900 Multi-effects Processor
Yamaha REV100 Reverb
Boss DE200 Digital Delay
Lexicon Alex Reverb
Aphex Systems Aural Exiter
Roland Space Echo RE-201

Microphone List:

(1) AKG D112
(1) AKG C1000
(1) AKG Vintage
(1) AudioTechnica AT4060
(3) AudioTechnica ATM3500
(2) AudioTechnica AE3000
(1) AudioTechnica AT4047
(1) Avantone CR-14
(1) Calrec 600 Series
(1) Electrovoice RE20
(1) Neumann M147
(1) Neumann U87
(1) Oktava MK-219
(1) PZM Pressure Zone
(1) Reslo RB
(1) Rode NT1
(2) Rode NT3
(2) Royer R101
(1) SE SE1
(1) SE 2200A
(3) Sennheiser MD421
(1) Sennheiser MD441
(1) Shure Beta52a
(5) Shure Beta58a
(1) Shure Beta91a
(1) Shure SM7B
(9) Shure SM58
(4) Shure SM57
(3) Shure KSM137

Instruments, Amps & DIs:

Fender Twin Reverb ’78
Musicman HD212 ’77
Roland Jazz Chorus JC-120 ’79
Ashdown AMG w/ 8 x 10″
Peavey TKO 1 x 15″ Combo
Challen Acoustic Piano
Yamaha PX Piano
– Check out our Rehearsal section for a list of other available amps and drum kits.

‘The 1975’ Custom DI
Radial ProDI
KlarkeTechnik DI
SansAmp Bass Driver
Mike Hill Services DI unit