The Control room

Step into our newly refurbished control room, where creativity flourishes. Featuring our vintage Trident Series 75 console as the centerpiece. Experience the beautiful sounding Trident, Neve & API pre-amps and outboard such as our Space Echo. Explore boundless sonic horizons with fantastic classic synths. The large window to the Live Room offers a bright and enjoyable atomosphere. Enjoy a cozy, comfortable, and climate-controlled environment for your musical journey. We can turn your music into something special.


The Live Room

Our bright and spacious Live Room is a captivating space where your music comes to life. Two huge windows that offer  refreshing daylight, set the scene for creativity to bloom.

A perfect blend of modern aesthetics and a retro charm, the Live Room exudes an atmosphere that is set to inspire musicians. The room’s lovely acoustics contribute to our fantastic sounding recordings, making it an beautiful space for creating music.