Our Studio

We are very proud of our refurbished control room, running Pro Tools Studio alongside our Trident Series 75 Mixing Console and a selection of monitors from Adams, Yamaha and Auratone.

A large studio window gives a perfect view of everything that is happening in our light and spacious live room, while individual headphone monitoring allows everyone to hear exactly what they need to hear.

Live Room

A perfect blend of modern aesthetics and retro charm, our Live Room exudes an atmosphere that is set to inspire musicians. Bright and spacious, the Live Room is flooded with daylight, in contrast to the dark and dingy basements found in many recording studios.

Acoustically treated with both sound absorption and diffusion materials, the room’s lovely acoustics contribute to our fantastic “live sounding” recordings, making it a beautiful space for creating music, using a variety of in-house amps, mics and keyboards. We are passionate about bringing your music to life and making it stand out in today’s competitive industry.

Control Room

This is where your creativity is captured and polished, featuring our Trident Series 75 console as the centrepiece. Experience the beautiful sounding Trident, Neve & API pre-amps alongside outboard gear such as our Space Echo, and explore boundless sonic horizons with a host of classic synths.

We are fully equipped to facilitate overdubs and drop-ins directly in the control room, while recording and reviewing your music.

Providing an accurate monitoring environment was paramount in the design of Polestar’s Control Room, while allowing space for a full band to engage in the reviewing and mixing process.

Dimensions & Floor Plan

Live Room (inc Booth) – 7.7m x 7.4m (~57m²)

Booth – 2.6m x 2.5m (~6.5m²)

Control Room – 5.8m x 4.7m (~27m²)

Reception (inc Kitchen) – 7.2m x 5.2m (~37m²)

360° View

Live Room

360° View

Control Room