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Here at Polestar Studios we have all you need for your recording, mixing or production plans. Not only equipment, but experienced engineering talent, who can guide and advise you on the best way to achieve your creative vision. Give us a call and chat about your ideas now!

The best of digital software meets

Vintage Hardware


The best of analogue & digital technology to record, create and produce

We offer a variety of services to get your audio project sounding the best it can. We understand that budgets differ and whether you need one, or all of our services we’ll always give you a great quote.

We can take your audio project all the way from pre-production, basic recording, full production right the way through to delivering professional ‘radio ready’ mixes.

Whether you want to record a live performance or document your time in the studio. We can arrange with one of our trusted freelancers to film your recording session, then edit the audio and video to provide you with a high quality film.


Build your songs up instrument by instrument with a click track, or set up microphones for the whole band, hit record then do it live!

Whichever way you want to work we’ve got it covered.


Taking your multi-track files our experienced engineers can deliver a professional mix perfect for streaming services, vinyl, or any other medium creating ‘radio ready’ music and audio content.


Audio production encompasses the entire process of creating and manipulating sound. This can involve recording, editing, arranging, and mixing audio content to bring a creative vision to life through sound.



Polestar is a super inspiring studio to work in. It’s got the perfect combination of practicality & vibes. Being able to track through the vintage Trident desk & outboard gear makes all the difference, having Alex on hand to engineer helped a huge amount – he’s everything you could hope for in an engineer! The sounds I recorded at Polestar are some of the best I’ve been able to capture.

- Steve Grainer (Producer for Lizzie Esau)

Haven’t found exactly what you need?

If you don’t see the service you’re after please don’t hesitate to get in touch. We have experience in all aspects of sound recording, including remote mixing, live broadcast sessions, voice-overs, podcasting and even rehearsals.

We’d love to help with your next project!